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Rates for:
Household Debris Junk Removal
Construction Debris Removal

Truck Load Rates - Averages

Minimum Load
1/8 Load
1/6 Load
1/4 Load
1/3 Load
3/8 Load
1/2 Load
5/8 Load
2/3 Load
3/4 Load
5/6 Load
7/8 Load
Full Load
Regardless of load size, for any job there is a minimum charge of $115.

What's a Yard?

A cubic yard is a measure of volume equal to 3 ft. by 3 ft. by 3 ft. When possible, we recommend that you measure your material so that we can give you a more accurate estimate.

How Junk Removal Prices Are Determined

The price for a pick-up is based on these factors:

1. Type of material
2. Volume of material
3. Ease of access to material

1. Type of material

Household Debris

Contents typically found in, or associated with, a household; including furniture, appliances, beds, lamps, shelves, rugs, clothes, toys, sports equipment, barbeques, lawnmowers, tools, junk, greenwaste, etc.

Construction Debris

Material generated through construction or demolition activities; including framing, drywall, carpeting, cabinets, acoustical ceiling tile, insulation, cardboard, fixtures, doors, windows, trim, siding, etc.


Concrete, asphalt, brick, block and dirt.

Rates vary for each classification of material. The heavier and more difficult a material is to handle, the higher the rate. Household material is the least expensive. Construction Debris is a little more and Aggregate is still more expensive.

2. Volume of material

Expert hauling charges primarily by the yard. Typically you only pay for the space in the truck that you use.

Your Expert Hauling & Demolition crew will use their experience and training in cubic yardage calculation, as well as volume marks on the truck, to accurately calculate how many cubic yards you have and give you a guaranteed, on-site estimate. You are under no obligation to accept Expert Hauling & Demolition's on-site estimate and use our service.

A twin sized mattress is about ½ of a cubic yard. A standard washing machine is about one (1) cubic yard. A standard sofa is about two cubic yards. The back of a full sized pick-up truck, level full of miscellaneous junk, is about four cubic yards.

3. Ease of access

You pay only our low, per cubic yard, base rate if your material is immediately accessible. Immediate access is defined as material that is: 1) outside, 2) within fifteen (15) feet of where the truck can park, and 3) with no hills or stairs involved.

Expert Junk Removal is happy and prepared to remove material from anywhere you have it. A reasonable extra labor charge is assessed for material that is not immediately accessible. Extra labor charges are calculated as a percentage, and typically range between 20% and 40%; depending on the difficulty of access to your material.

Extra labor charges cover the extra labor, effort and time necessary to move your material from where it lies to where it can be loaded on the truck. This pricing system helps us insure the best possible price for material that is immediately accessible. You always save money by having your material outside and ready to go.

4. Low Price Guarantee

We will match or beat any licensed, insured hauling company's written estimate. Contact us today!

Truck (Roll-off box) Dimensions

15 Yard10'8'5'
20 Yard16'8'4.5'

Surcharges for selected items

$10 $15 $20 $25 $30
Tire, no rim Tire with rim
Box spring
Microwave oven
Trash compactor
Air conditioner
Water heater