Expert Junk Removal Services

Providing solid business management and reliable junk services is what Expert Hauling & Demolition is all about

Over the years Expert Hauling & Demolition has consistently provided top quality junk removal and demolition services in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Our full services include junk removal, dirt hauling, swimming pool removal, and a wide spectrum of demolition services.

Providing solid business management and reliable junk services is what Expert Hauling & Demolition is all about. We provide services to general contractors, real estate agents, property managers, insurance brokers and home owners. Expert Hauling & Demolition is committed to taking care of all your junk removal and demolition needs.

What we do...

Remove the junk you do not want and demo what you do not need.

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Zero Waste

We Support Zero Waste

Zero Waste is a principle that goes beyond recycling to focus first on reducing wastes by reusing as much material as possible, and by recycling or composting the rest. Zero Waste works to redesign a community's entire waste disposal system to mimic natural systems, recognizing that one man's trash can be another man's treasure, and that everything is a resource for something or someone else.

We incorporate zero waste principles into all our activities. That's why when you go with Expert Hauling & Demolition, you're going green.

Junk Removal for Realtors & Property Owners

Expert Hauling & Demolition will pck up, clear out and recycle debris from your projects any where in the East Bay area. One-time cleanups or ongoing project assistance is available. We are experts in trashing out foreclosed homes. We have extensive experience working with Fannie Mae, Realtors and Lenders.

Junk Removal for Business and Office Managers

Expert Hauling & Demolition will haul away and recycle all your discarded office furniture, display cases, appliances and equipment. Tenant improvement demolition, hauling or salvage work is just a phone call away. We've been doing green demolition and recycing for over 15 years.

Junk Removal for Apartment, Condo and Hotel Owners

Expert Hauling & Demolition can handle all your unit cleanups, removals and hauling needs. Contact us to get your hauling, demolition or junk hauling project started.

Get an Estimate on Junk Removal

We'll give you a free estimate based upon your description of the job. You can also send us photos to better explain it to us.