Landscape Clearing and Removal

Expert Hauling & Demolition provides weed abatement, lot clearing and landscape debris removal for residents and businesses in Contra Costa County and Alameda County.

Landscape Removal

Most landscape debris is recyclable, and we always see to it that recyclable materials are delivered to the appropriate recycling facility, depending upon the type of material and location. Green waste, shrubbery, brush, concrete, wood, gravel and dirt are all recycled.

Our crews are well trained and have the right equipment to get the job done quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

We provide landscape removal services from both commercial and residential property.

Weed Abatement

Bobcat fitted with weed cutter

We've got experienced workers and the right equipment to make short work of your weed abatement job. Our crews perform both hand cutting and tractor cutting. All our work is Fire Department compliant.

Brush Removal

Need to clear a lot overgrown with brush? We offer full brush removal services.

Dirt Removal and Hauling Clearing yard debris for re-landscaping (sod, gravel, dirt, rocks, trees, bushes) Hourly Bobcat Service Hillside Excavation Retaining Wall Removal