Construction Cleanup

Contractors – Homeowners:
Let us bid your entire project's waste stream, start to finish!

Contractors, Homeowners, Archiects, Property Managers, we can streamline the process of your debris removal for your construction, remodel, and tenant improvement projects.

  • We can pre-bid your project and provide regular and on call pick ups
  • No more dump trailers, ugly debris piles, and unsafe jobsite conditions
  • Small loads and intermitent pickups can be pre bid to make the project run smoother

Expert Hauling & Demolition crews can help you maintain a clean, well-organized construction site. Contact us before you begin your project to discuss a plan to manage your project's waste stream. If you have already begun your project, call us today!

Expert Hauling & Demolition will separate all recyclable material in order to divert it from the waste stream. We know the regulations and are familiar with the requirements of all Contra Costa and Alameda County jurisdictions. We'll provide you with all the necessary paperwork to be in compliance with local regulations.